“If you’re not risking you life for what you believe in, you’re probably on the wrong side.”

About Me

WV8DOC & AK9DOG Wood County Emergency Communications Unit 364 
Rav. Ari Rabbi Ari Levitt Commander, Starfleet
Medical Service Corps
Rev. Dr. Rickard (Ari) Levitt-Sawyer

My Emergency Management Certificates


Also Known As (My Aliases)

Buzz Sawyer (my "Left-Coast" nickname)
Ari ben Levi (my Hebrew name)
Ari Levitt (my Anglicized Hebrew name)
The Herb Doc (my former business name)
WV8DOC (my Amateur Radio call sign)
You Moron! (how many of my friends address me)

Born May 17, 1946, Parkersburg, Wood County, West Virginia
Born Again
March 15, 1952, Parkersburg, West Virginia


Licensed March 24, 1988 Christian Fellowship Church, Pleasant Hill, California
October 5, 1991 Camino Community Church, Camino, California


Marital Status: Widowed

Married August 24, 1967, to Barbara Gaye Hart, Lafayette, California

Barbara was Born June 5, 1949, Oakland, California and
Graduated to Glory December 13, 2008, Marietta, Ohio

One son, Aaron Paul Sawyer born January 15, 1973, Walnut Creek, California. Married (Terri Blank) with two children (Joshua Caleb and Elizabeth Ruth)

Current Activities

Wood County Emergency Communications, an Amateur Radio organization

Communications Technician
Communications Specialist/COML (NIMS Communications Unit Leader)
Data Processing Technician

American Red Cross, Northwest West Virginia Region

Government Operations Liaison for 17 counties
Community Preparedness Educator for 17 counties
DAT (Disaster Assistance Team) Responder
General Disaster Responder

Tyler Office of Emergency Management

General Volunteer
Tyler County Community Emergency Response Team (CERT)
Tyler County Search and Rescue

Electronic Search Specialist

Wood County Project Lifesaver
Wirt County Project Lifesaver
Tyler County Project Lifesaver

Webmaster for the following sites:

EllenboroSummerBash.com (Ellenboro Volunteer Fire Department)
Coming soon: Metro Protective Services

Recent Activities

Extremely active (average about 50-60 hours/week) in these Emergency Preparedness and Response activities:

Mid-Ohio Valley Regional Community Emergency Response Team (CERT)

Regional Administrative Section Chief
Wood County Chapter Administrative Section Chief
Regional Communications Group Leader (COML)
Wood County Chapter Communications Group Leader (COML)
Webmaster: cert-mov-wv.org

Mid-Ohio Valley Health Department Threat Preparedness Unit

General Administrative Volunteer

Wood/Wirt Counties Local Emergency Planning Committee

Webmaster / Public Information

Participated in the following additional emergency planning committees:

West Virginia Region 1 Regional Interoperability Committee (RIC1)
Ritchie County Local Emergency Planning Committee
Pleasants County Local Emergency Planning Committee
Pleasants County Public Schools Safety Committee


Other Interests

Messianic Jewish Theology and Ministry

Natural Health and Healing

- Naturopathic Practitioner
- Certified Natural Health Professional
- Studying for a Naturopathic Doctor degree
- Operated a Natural Health Ministry for over 20 years

Computers; particularly, computers in ministry and emergency preparedness

Amateur Radio (WV8DOC), Wood County Emergency Communications

Emergency Service Radio Monitoring

Science Fiction: Star Trek (all versions), Babylon 5, X-files, Dr. Who, Dune, anything by Pierce Anthony




• Graduated summa cum laude, valedictorian from Th.M., Th.D., and D.Min. programs

• Maintained a consistent 4.0+ grade point average in all upper division, graduate, and postgraduate studies

• Graduated with honors third in the class from A.A. program with a 3.96 earned GPA

• Declined nomination for inclusion in Who’s Who in American Colleges and Universities, 1972, 1973

• Admitted to faculty of Spring Valley Bible College and Seminary while still a graduate theology student

Graduate and Postgraduate Work

• Trinity College of Natural Health, Warsaw, Indiana. Doctor of Naturopathy (N.D.) candidate, five years

• Golden State School of Theology, Oakland, California. Doctor of Ministry (D.Min.) with a specialty in Bible College Administration and Curriculum Development (01/84-06/85)

• Spring Valley Bible College and Seminary, Alameda, California. Doctor of Theology (Th.D.) with a specialty in Cults and Comparative Religion (06/83-06/84)

• Spring Valley Bible College and Seminary, Alameda, California. Master of Theology (Th.M.) with a specialty in Systematic Theology (03/83-01/84)

• Bay Cities Bible Institute, Oakland, California. Completed 66 of 90 units toward a Master of Arts (M.A.) in Biblical Studies before transferring to Th.M. program (09/81-06/83)

• University of Beverly Hills, Beverly Hills, California. Master of Business Administration (M.B.A.) in Organizational Management with an emphasis in Church Administration (1980)

Undergraduate Work

• University of Beverly Hills, Beverly Hills, California. Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in Business Administration (1778)

• Diablo Valley College, Pleasant Hill, California. Associate of Arts (A.A.) in Administration of Justice-Peace Officer (1973)

• Berean School of the Bible, Springfield, Missouri (1980-1981)

• Johnson Bible College, Knoxville, Tennessee (1966)

• College of Guam, Agaña, Guam (1966)

• West Virginia University at Parkersburg (1963-1964)

Technical Schools

• National Association of Certified Natural Health Professionals, Winona Lake, Indiana

• DeVry Institute of Technology, Chicago, Illinois

• Contra Costa County Reserve Peace Officer Academy, Martinez, California

• Electronics Training Lab, Emeryville, California

• St. Joseph s Hospital Medical Center, Parkersburg, West Virginia. Surgical Technician School

• Hewlett-Packard/Sanborn Service School. Advanced EKG Technician School

• United States Navy Service Schools

- Hospital Corpsman

- Neuropsychiatric Technician

- Electroencephalograph Technician

- Electrocardiograph Technician

Primary and Secondary Schools
(Obviously, of interest only to those in the Parkersburg area)

• Parkersburg (W.Va.) High School, Class of 1963 (last freshman class to attend PHS)

• Jackson Jr. High, Vienna, W.Va. (first class to attend Jackson)

• Neale Jr. High, Vienna, W.Va. (last class to attend Neale as a Jr. High)


Ministry History

Family Bible Messianic Ministries
(Originally chartered as Family Bible Church)
Parkersburg, West Virginia (1997 - present)
Messianic Pastor/Teacher, Founding Zaquen (Elder)

Abundant Life Health Ministries
Parkersburg, West Virginia (1994 - 2014)
Herb Shop & Natural Health Clinic, providing pastoral and wellness counseling

First Christian Fellowship
Parkersburg, West Virginia
Associate Pastor/Teacher

Ridgeview Baptist Church
Knoxville, Tennessee
Ordained Minister, Adult Bible Teacher

Camino Community Church
Camino, California
Ordained Minister
Pastoral Assistant
Church Chairman/Administrator

Christian Fellowship Church
[now named Grace Bible Church]
Pleasant Hill, California
Licensed Minister
Christian Education Consultant
Liaison to Grace School of Theology and Ministry
Chairman of Adult Sunday School Department

Grace School of Theology and Ministry
Pleasant Hill, California
School Administrator
Cataloging Librarian
MIS Director

Foothills Community Church
Moraga, California
Founding Elder
Teaching Elder
Associate Pastor/Teacher

Golden State School of Theology
Oakland, California
Vice President for Academic Affairs
Chairman of Curriculum Development and Academic Committees
Assistant Vice President for Academic Affairs
Assistant Dean of Directed Individualized Studies
Professor of Theology and Comparative Religion
Instructor of English Grammar and Composition

Martinez Christian Fellowship
Martinez, California
Associate Pastor

Bethel Temple
Walnut Creek, California
Interim Youth Minister
Junior High Minister
Assistant Choir Director
Bible Teacher

U.S. Naval Hospital Chapel
Agaña, Guam, Mariana Islands
Youth Minister

First Christian Church
Parkersburg, West Virginia
Received Yeshua HaMashiach as personal LORD and Savior at age 6
Began assisting with children s Sunday School teaching at age 10
Began teaching children s Sunday School at age 14
Selected to serve as Junior Deacon at age 15


Curriculum Vitae

Over 45 years of career experience in management and administration in a wide diversity of business environments. Successfully managed staffs of more than 75 subordinates with annual budgets in excess of $6 million.

  • Abundant Life Herb Shop
    Parkersburg WV (1994 -2014)
    Certified Natural Health Professional, Herb Specialist, Iridologist, Naturopathic Doctor candidate. Provides natural health information and consultation in the following modalities: Western and Chinese herbology, nutrition, iridology, body work and relaxation techniques, applied kinesiology, electromagnetic therapy, Biblical and pastoral counseling.
  • Family Bible Messianic Ministries
    Parkersburg, West Virginia (1997 - present)
    Founding Elder, Pastor/Teacher
  • Independent Consultant
    San Francisco, Sacramento, Knoxville, and Parkersburg WV (1980 - Present)
    Provided consultation/contract services in the following disciplines:
    • Church Administration and Christian Education
    • Desktop computer system (hardware and software) selection, installation, operation, and maintenance
    • End-user documentation, training, and support
    • Policies, standards, and procedures development and administration (including forms design); Systems analysis, development, and documentation
    • Systems and/or information security (physical and/or logical)
    • Physical security, contingency planning, and/or disaster recovery
    • Project planning and management
  • TRX, Tata Business Support Services
    Parkersburg WV and Reno OH (June 2004 - June 2008)
    Quality Control Specialist
    Quality Coach
    Customer Service Representative
  • First Christian Fellowship
    Parkersburg, West Virginia (1996 and 1997)
    Associate Pastor/Teacher
  • Kinko’s Copy Center
    Knoxville, Tennessee (06/93 to 06/94)
    Desktop Publishing Specialist
  • Camino Community Church
    Camino, California (01/91 to 09/92)
    Ordained Minister
    Church Chairman / Administrator
  • First Nationwide Bank
    Daly City and Folsom, California (10/88 to 06/91)
    Senior Information Systems Security Consultant / Data Center Security Manager (01/90 to 06/91)
    Director of Data Security (10/88 to 01/90)
  • Christian Fellowship Church
    Pleasant Hill, California (01/87 to 01/90)
    Licensed Minister
    Chairman, Adult Sunday School Department
    Consultant to the Christian Education Department
    Computer Systems Administrator
  • Grace School of Theology and Ministry
    Pleasant Hill, California (07/87 to 06/89)
    School Administrator
    Cataloging Librarian
  • The Hibernia Bank
    San Francisco, California (01/86 to 09/88)
    Director of Corporate Information Security
  • Foothills Community Church
    Moraga, California (09/83 to 03/86)
    Founding Elder / Associate Pastor
  • Central Bank
    Concord and Oakland, California (03/82 to 01/86)
    Data Center Security Manager (12/83 to 01/86)
    Operations Projects Manager / Assistant Operations Manager (03/82 to 12/83)
  • Golden State School of Theology
    Oakland, California (03/83 to 06/85)
    Vice President for Academic Affairs (06/84 to 06/85)
    Assistant Vice President for Academic Affairs (04/84 to 06/84)
    Professor of Theology and Comparative Religion (06/83 to 06/85)
    Instructor of English Grammar and Composition (06/83 to 06/85)
    Assistant Dean of Directed Individualized Studies (06/83 to 04/84)
  • Martinez Christian Fellowship
    Martinez, California (03/83 to 09/83)
    Associate Pastor
  • Fairchild GPLSI Division
    San Jose, California (04/79 to 03/82)
    Senior Methods and Procedures Analyst / Senior Business and Systems Analyst (05/80 to 03/82)
    Methods and Procedures Administrator (04/79 to 05/80)
  • MBAssociates
    San Ramon, California (04/74 to 04/79)
    Manager, Configuration Management and Technical Data Group (10/77 to 04/79)
    Manager, Technical Publications Department (01/76 to 10/77)
    Lead Technical Writer/Editor (04/75 to 01/76)
    Supervisor, Electronics Prototype Laboratory (10/74 to 04/75)
    Electronics Technician, Electronics Prototype Laboratory (04/74 to 10/74)
  • Contra Costa County Sheriff's Department
    Martinez, California (1972 to 1978)
    Reserve Patrol Sergeant (1975 to 1978)
    Reserve Deputy Sheriff/Coroner (1972 to 1975)
  • Pomeroy Ambulance Company
    Walnut Creek, CA (04/74 to 08/74)
    Dispatcher and Driver/Attendant
  • Motion Picture Projectionist’s Union
    Oakland, CA (11/73 to 08/74)
    Motion Picture Operator
  • The Coalyard Restaurant
    San Francisco, CA (06/73 to 07/74)
    Manager / Lead Cook
  • Bonanza Patrol Division, Summit Investigations
    Walnut Creek, California (1972 to 1974)
    Patrol Division Captain and General Manager
    Investigator / Security Consultant
  • Lynn’s Rheem Drive-In
    Rheem Valley, CA (11/70 to 09/72)
    Manager / Lead Cook
  • Sno-White Restaurant
    Walnut Creek, CA (09/69 to 11/70)
    Manager / Lead Cook
  • Mt. Diablo Patrol and Detective Service
    Lafayette, California (03/69 to 09/69)
    Lieutenant (Assistant Manager)
  • The Prudential Insurance Company
    Concord, CA (10/68 to 03/69)
    District Agent
  • Naval Reserve Surface Division 12-16
    Naval Weapons Station, Concord, CA (05/68 to 05/69)
    Hospital Corpsman First Class (E6)
  • John Muir Memorial Hospital
    Walnut Creek, CA (04/68 to 10/68)
    ICU/CCU Technician
    Medical/Surgical Orderly II
  • Jack B. Drori, M.D., F.A.C.P.
    Walnut Creek, CA (04/68 to 10/68)
    Certified Electroencephalograph Technician, A.S.E.T.
  • Flinn Studio
    Parkersburg, WV (09/67 to 04/68)
    Photographer / Dark Room Technician
  • Selby General Hospital
    Marietta, OH (01/68 to 04/68)
  • St. Joseph’s Hospital
    Parkersburg, WV (09/67 to 01/68)
    Surgical Technician Trainee
  • Naval Reserve Surface Division 5-16S
    Parkersburg, WV (10/67 to 05/68)
    Hospital Corpsman First Class (E6)
  • Naval Reserve Surface Division 12-16
    Concord, CA (5/67 to 10/67)
    Hospital Corpsman First Class (E6)
  • Jack B. Drori, M.D., F.A.C.P.
    Walnut Creek, CA (05/67 to 09/67)
    Certified Electroencephalograph Technician, A.S.E.T.
  • John Muir Memorial Hospital
    Walnut Creek, CA (05/67 to 09/67)
    Surgical Orderly
  • U.S. Naval Hospital
    Agaña, Guam (04/65 to 05/67)
    Hospital Corpsman Second Class (E5)
    Performed the following simultaneous responsibilities at the only neuropsychiatric facility in the entire Trust Territory of the Pacific Islands, a geographical area nearly the size of the Continental United States
    • Senior Hospital Corpsman, Neuropsychiatric Service
    • Staff Assistant to the Clinical Psychologist
    • Senior Technician, Electroencephalographic Laboratory
    • Senior Technician, Psychiatric Clinic
    • Performed additional duties as:
      • Emergency Room Supervisor
      • Out-patient Department Supervisor
      • Electrocardiograph Technician
      • Surgical Technician
      • X-ray Technician
      • Ambulance Driver and/or Attendant
      • Base Security Petty Officer
    • Taught classes in
      • Neuropsychiatric Nursing
      • Emergency Medicine
      • Medical Records
      • Hospital Administration
      • Electrocardiography
      • Electroencephalography, and
      • Military Requirements
  • National Institutes of Health
    National Institute of Neurological Disease and Blindness Research Center

    Agaña, Guam (04/65 to 05/67)
    Technical Consultant in Electroencephalography
    Participated in some of the government's earliest research into Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) and related neuromuscular disorders.
  • Guam Memorial Hospital, Government of Guam
    Agaña, Guam (04/65 to 05/67)
    Neuropsychiatric Consultant
    Electroencephalograph Consultant

    Assisted in the design, construction, and startup of the first civilian neuropsychiatric facility and electroencephalographic laboratory in the Trust Territories of the Mariana Islands.
  • Department of Social Services, Government of Guam
    Agaña, Guam (04/65 to 05/67)
    Technical Consultant in Psychology to Project Head Start
    Assisted in the development of the first psychological testing materials specific to the ethnic milieu of the Pacific Islands.
  • St. Joseph’s Hospital
    Parkersburg, WV (12/64 to 04/65)
    Physical Therapy Orderly/Technician
  • Naval Reserve Surface Division 5-16S
    Parkersburg, WV (12/64 to 04/65)
    Hospital Corpsman Third Class (E4)
  • U. S. Naval Hospital Corps “A” School
    Naval Training Center, Great Lakes, IL (08/64 to 12/64)
    Hospitalman (E3)
  • St. Joseph’s Hospital
    Parkersburg, WV (12/63 to 05/64)
    Medical/Surgical Orderly
  • Naval Reserve Surface Division 5-16S
    Parkersburg, WV (05/64 to 07/64)
    Hospitalman (E3)
  • Jimbo's Drive In
    Parkersburg, WV (09/63 to 12/63)
    Fry Cook
  • Naval Reserve Electronics Division 5-7
    Parkersburg, WV (08/63 to 05/64)
    Seaman Apprentice (E2)
  • COMFIVE Afloat/Ashore E1/E2 School
    Naval Receiving Station, Norfolk, VA (Aug. 1963)
    Seaman Recruit (E1)
  • Naval Recruit Training Command
    Naval Training Center, Great Lakes, IL (July 1963)
    Seaman Recruit (E1)
  • Naval Reserve Electronics Division 5-7
    Parkersburg, WV (05/63 to 07/63)
    Seaman Recruit (E1)


My Politics

Until the summer of 2008 I was probably the most non-political individual that you could have imagined, except for the fact that I have been a staunchly pro-Israel Zionist since my visit to Israel in 1984. The last — make that “only” — political rally that I have ever attended was when my high school band performed for then-Senator John F. Kennedy in front of our county court house when he was campaigning for President. I was 14 years old and could have cared less about politics.

I believe in the Constitution, especially the Bill of Rights. I believe in a very small federal government. I support states rights. I believe that our Republic, as designed by the Founding Fathers, was intended to be an association of completely independent states united solely to “form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity.”

I cannot believe that any of the Founding Fathers ever intended to spawn the massive, intrusive, abusive, overbearing, and yes, tyrannical, federal government that we now have. I do not believe that any of the founders of our country ever envisioned a full-time paid Congress, let alone the bunch of corrupt, power-hungry freeloaders who now receive outrageous salaries to hang around in Washington going to fancy society parties and showing up for work half-time (or less), and stealing food from our tables. As I write this paragraph, it is August 12, and the TV news anchor just informed me that every cent that I earned from January 1 until today went to pay for the support of the Federal Albatross that hangs around our necks, and that I can actually keep for myself all the money I can earn from now until midnight December 31, when I once again go back to work for the crooks in Washington.

I live in a state that is so totally dominated by Democrats and welfare-minded individuals (many of whom have been totally provided for by the government for three and four generations — at the expense of people who actually work for a living) that I have had no representation in Congress since I moved to this state in 1993.

I had two occasions to write to late and not-so-great Senator Robert C. “Big Daddy” Byrd, who was without a doubt one of the laziest and most corrupt members of Congress who has ever served, to express my views on a specific issue, and I received what appeared to be a form letter prepared by one of his staffers which informed me that the Senator was not at all interested in my opinion, that the people of West Virginia had elected him to rule over them and make decisions for them because they were simply intellectually incapable of participating in the democratic process. This is clearly the same as the Taxation Without Representation that triggered our revolution against the British crown in 1776.

Despite the attitude of “Big Daddy” Byrd — which is not so far different from that of most other Democrats (both in and out of office) of whom I am aware — I remained registered as a Republican solely because at the time I registered to vote in West Virginia, they did not allow participation in primary elections unless one was registered with a major party, and I wished to be able to help nominate conservative candidates, who generally share most of my views and who are are usually on the Republican ticket.

Not that this makes any significant difference, since a Republican in West Virginia has about the same chance of being elected as a snowball has of surviving longer than 30 seconds in hell. There is virtually no Republican presence in West Virginia. The GOP rents a one-room office in a dilapidated building to serve as the Wood County Republican Headquarters for about a week to ten days before a national election. Not that that makes a significant difference, since the only difference between most Republicans and most Democrats any more is simply whether they place an “R” or a “D” behind their name. There is no longer any significant philosophical difference between the two parties.

Finally, in an act of utter futility, in protest to the GOP, I changed my official registration to the Constitution Party in 2012 after the newly elected GOP failed to keep a single one of its campaign promises to “take America back.” I really don’t expect to see any Constitution Party candidate elected; it’s a matter of principle.

I am not an official member of any other organized political group or movement, though I have registered to receive communications from the Tea Party. I have never read the poll-tested talking points of either the Republican National Committee or any other group, committee, association, or movement. I am not an active member of any grass roots organization, nor am I an active participant in any organized political group.

As I said above, until the summer of 2008 I was probably the most non-political individual that you could have imagined.

Then I started listening very carefully to Senator Obama and his supporters. He is without question a charismatic and skilled orator, but other than that one single skill, he has absolutely no qualifications or experience to be the President of the United States. He has never been an executive of anything. He has never managed a significant, multi-million dollar budget, and now he wants to manage a multi-trillion dollar federal budget (make that deficit ).

He has not even provided a birth certificate to prove that he is a natural-born American citizen, one of the basic requirements to serve as President; he has produced neither a diploma from law school nor a single student or faculty member who remembers ever seeing him in class or even on campus. His own aunt is an illegal immigrant living in protected status because of the office her nephew holds. He served for several years as a community organizer within Chicago’s political machine, best-known for decades for its corruption during, which time he consorted with convicted terrorists, felons, and Communists, all of whom he counted as friends and advisors and many of whom now hold positions of significant power and authority in his Administration.

His parents met at a Russian language class in the 1960s, his primary mentor was an avowed Communist. He has clearly stated his Socialist and Marxist political leanings. He was elected to the Illinois Senate, in which he served less than half-time only long enough to run for the Presidency of the United States. Although he was talking about his second term long before he was fraudulently elected to his first term, one is forced to wonder how long he will serve in the White House until it becomes obvious that this is only a stepping-stone to his next target position, President of the United Nations, which office he will likely move to Jerusalem where he plans to rule as self-proclaimed Messiah and Emperor of the One-World Global Government.

After listening to this egomaniacal Marxist dictator wanna-be for only about a month, I found myself being transformed into a radical right-wing conservative. Then along came ObamaCare, which, to any intelligent person willing to do even a nominal amount of careful reading and research of the facts, is nothing short of a very poorly-disguised plan to take over and nationalize all medical care in our country, only the first step toward the total Socialization of America. The Obama Administration has already effectively nationalized the financial and automotive industries, and the health industry is clearly next in line for government takeover unless it is stopped by the pending Judicial review. The government has bankrupted Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid; the Postal Service has not shown a profit for decades; massive infusions of federal money into AmTrack have been unable to maintain a viable rail transportation system for passenger service in America. (Before the government takeover of the rail industry, my home town used to be a major transportation hub now we have no access at all to passenger rail service.) The very best example of the quality of a government-run health care system is the Veterans Administration Hospitals and Clinics and, from my observations as several years as an ambulance driver during which I transported patients to and from Veterans Administration health facilities, I would personally prefer seeking treatment from a veterinary clinic than from many Veterans Administration Clinics.

I have conservative political and fiscal opinions of the way things should be run that are based upon my understanding of the Sacred Scriptures and the United States Constitution. I read, I research, and — most important of all — I think for myself!