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 WV8DOC & AK9DOG  Wood County Emergency Communications Unit 364

Wood County Emergency Communications

Serving Wood County (West Virginia)
and Surrounding Areas

Who is WCEC?

Wood County Emergency Communications, Inc. (WCEC) is an all-volunteer non-profit organization of licensed amateur radio operators that exists to provide backup and overload communications to all Public Safety agencies in Wood County, West Virginia and the surrounding counties in West Virginia and Ohio. WCEC also holds a seat on the Wood County Local Emergency Planning Committee (LEPC).

Emergency Service Capabilities

• Mobile communications command and control center setup

• SkyWarn operating under the National Weather Service

• Digital Communications statewide via D.A.R.E.N.

• Voice Communications via handheld and mobile radio and in-house wired and wireless telephone systems

• Both fixed and mobile voice repeater setups available

• Satelite internet and phone service

• On-site long range wi-fi internet for disaster relief officials

Agencies Served

Amateur radio emergency communications providers have either written or verbal service agreements in place with several public agencies and community organizations in Wood County and the surrounding area, including:

• Wood County Emergency Services

• Wirt County Emergency Services

• Pleasants County Emergency Services

• Tyler County Emergency Services

• Mid-Ohio Valley Health Department

• Mid-Ohio Valley Red Cross

• Camden Clark Memorial Hospital

Via WCEC, ARES, and RACES, Amateur Radio is an integral part of the emergency plans of each of these key community service agencies, many of which have licensed radio amateurs on their staffs.

Communication Facilities

WCEC can provide a fully-equipped mobile communications center anywhere it is needed, can set up both fixed and mobile voice repeater systems, and can provide your command post with a wired in-house telephone system if needed. We maintain a state-wide digital communications system covering all 55 counties of West Virginia, provide voice communications via base, mobile, and handheld radio equipment, and also have communication capabilities on some Public Safety and Business channels that allow communications interoperability. Our members are experienced in many of the activities in the community, and can provide effective and efficient support communications for your events.

Our New Facility

Thanks to the generosity of the Mid-Ohio Valley Regional Airport Authority, plus a generous grant from the Wood County Commission, WCEC will soon begin remodeling our new office complex at the Airport. Follow our progress here.

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