“If you're not risking your life for what you believe in, you’re probably on the wrong side.”
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At the top of the pages on this website you will find the quotation, “If you’re not risking your life for what you believe, maybe you’re on the wrong side,” and I take it very seriously.

On the splash page of my FamilyBible.org website I notify visitors that they are “about to enter a website that is Unashamedly Pro-Israel, Irrevocably Zionist, and Unapologetically Pro-Torah.” Since taking this position a bit over 10 years ago, I have received so many death threats (mostly from “moderate Muslims” but some from anti-Semitic “Christians”) that while my wife was still living I had to omit any physical contact information from the website in order to protect her safety. Now that I am a widower with no wife or children to protect, I no longer have anything but my own skin to protect and, quite frankly, my skin is not nearly as important to me as it once was.

The articles in this section are of a similar nature, and are not recommended for consumption by anyone who is intolerant toward this position; if that describes you, please do both yourself and me a great favor and do not read these articles. Complaining to me about my site’s content is much like trying to teach a pig to sing. It will just frustrate you and annoy the pig.

For Zion's sake I will not keep silent,
And for Jerusalem's sake I will not keep quiet, …

 -- Isaiah 62:1

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