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Photo of Rick and Scooby W V 8 D O C
 WV8DOC & AK9DOG  Wood County Emergency Communications Unit 364

Field Day 2010

What is Field Day?

Field Day is always the fourth full weekend of June, beginning at 1800 UTC Saturday and running through 2059 UTC Sunday. The purpose of field day is to allow over 35,000 amateurs to gather with their clubs, friends or simply by themselves to operate with the idea of collecting as many contacts during the given time period as possible.

Organizations like Wood County Emergency Communications (WCEC) who provide emergency communications to their communities use field day both as an excuse for an amazing family camping weekend and as a practice exercise to test their abilities to setup their equipment in emergency-like conditions, using only emergency power like batteries, generators, and solar arrays. WCEC uses this contest each year to practice communications using voice, digital, wired, and wireless forms of communication. A great deal of time is spent experimenting with new equipment and ideas to improve setup time and communications reliability.

During field day WCEC members get a chance to make contacts on frequencies that they normally don’t use and to practice using equipment that they don’t own themselves. In addition, the contest is used to demonstrate to the local community and its elected officials the capabilities of these trained and licensed Amateur Radio Operators who spend hours training for that ultimate disaster when normal communications has failed to function or is over-taxed.

The official WC8EC Field Day report is available in adobe pdf format here.

You can read another view of field day by Jeffrey Saulton on News and Sentinel.com entitled “Ham radio operators participate in field day”. More pictures taken during the event can be found on WC8EC.com, FaceBook, and on CU.newsandsentinel.com.

This is a clip from Field Day 2009 recorded at Big Creek State Park near Polk City, Iowa. Beginning at approximately time-stamp 20 seconds you can hear one of WCEC's operators being received in Iowa. Listen for the phrase, "CQ CQ Field Day, Whisky Charlie Eight Echo Charlie, Five Alpha, West Virginia, Whisky Victor." "CQ Field Day" means "Calling any operator working Field Day." "Whisky Charlie Eight Echo Charlie" is our group's callsign, WC8EC. "Five Alpha" is a code meaning that we were operating five simultaneous stations (on five different frequencies) on battery power. "Whisky Victor" is WV, for West Virginia.

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