Communications Unit Leader (COML)

The All-Hazards Type III Communications Unit Leader (COML) training course is provided by the Homeland Security Office of Emergency Communications. This course trains emergency responders to serve as Radio Communications Unit Leaders during all-hazards emergency operations under the National Incident Management System and Incident Command System (NIMS/ICS). This training will significantly improve communications across the multiple disciplines and jurisdictions responding to an incident.

The COML training qualifies emergency responders as lead radio communications coordinators if they also possess the necessary prerequisites, including knowledge of local communications, communications systems, and local, regional, and state communications plans.

COML responsibilities include developing plans for the effective use of incident communications equipment and facilities, managing the distribution of communications equipment to incident personnel, and coordinating the installation and testing of communications equipment.

This website provides the following resources for COMLs:

ICS Forms 205 and  217A Data Sheets With Most Legacy Frequencies for All of West Virginia (MS Excel Spreadsheets)

wv8doc.com/COML/@ ICS-217A.xls07/12/2015
wv8doc.com/COML/ICS Forms 12-7-10.doc07/12/2015
wv8doc.com/COML/ICS217A/@ ICS-217A - Region 1.xls07/12/2015
wv8doc.com/COML/ICS217A/@ ICS-217A - Region 2.xls07/12/2015
wv8doc.com/COML/ICS217A/@ ICS-217A - Region 3.xls07/12/2015
wv8doc.com/COML/ICS217A/@ ICS-217A - Region 4.xls07/12/2015
wv8doc.com/COML/ICS217A/@ ICS-217A - Region 5.xls07/12/2015
wv8doc.com/COML/ICS217A/@ ICS-217A - Region 6.xls07/12/2015
wv8doc.com/COML/ICS217A/@ ICS-217A - Statewide.xls07/12/2015

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