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My Presidential Candidate

It seems to me that the GOP and DNC candidates are virtually indistinguishable in their positions on citizen liberty, limited government, their disdain for the Constitution, and their lack of a personal moral compass. But frankly, I have yet to see any other party present a candidate who is significantly distinguishable from either the Republicans or the Democrats in these important categories.

What I would really like to see is for any party to submit a candidate to the American people who:

(a) is a person of strong moral character and personal integrity;

(b) fears the Creator more than he/she fears adverse opinion, and who firmly believes that he/she will be accountable to the Judge of the Universe for any and all actions taken either in office or in his/her personal life;

(c) has a strong personal code of ethics and honesty; who will say what he/she means and mean what he/she says, and not be tossed about by every wind of public opinion and popularity poll;

(d) has not violated his/her marriage vows (how can anyone who violates the most sacred of all vows be trusted to not violate the vow to “uphold and defend the Constitution”?);

(e) will fight to defend the priority of the U.S. Constitution (including the Bill of Rights — all ten of them!) above the U.N. Charter or international law, and uphold it as the standard by which all other American legislation is to be judged;

(f) will put an end to out-of-control taxing and spending of my great-grandchildren’s money;

(g) will veto any but a balanced budget and fight for a balanced-budget amendment;

(h) understands that it is not the government’s responsibility to create jobs and will make the difficult decisions necessary to get government out of the way and let free enterprise put Americans back to work, stop supporting those who are unwilling to work, and not promote the “redistribution of wealth” (those who are willing and able to legally and honorably accumulate wealth should have the right to do so and to pass that wealth on to their heirs without taxation);

(i) places a high value on human life and dignity, including that of the unborn, the elderly, and the infirm;

(j) will appoint federal judges and justices who understand their responsibility is to interpret the Constitution in accordance with the actual original intent of the founders, not to create new case law to promote their personal agenda;

(k) will fight for small government (abolition of the Department of Education, Infernal Revenue Service, Environmental Protection Agency, Food and Drug Administration, and Federal Reserve; implementing term limits on all elected officials; and creating a part-time Congress would be an excelling starting point);

(l) will summarily veto any bill that does not apply equally to Congress as it does to the rest of the country, encourage Congress to repeal all laws that are not equally applied to all Americans, and support a Constitutional amendment to that effect;

(m) will secure our borders and ensure the safety and security of our citizens without trampling on the Constitution;

(n) will ensure that those who enter the county illegally are promptly deported, and support reasonable immigration reform — after our borders have been secured — that will ensure those who enter the country legally are given every opportunity to follow the “American dream”;

(o) hold the Department of Justice accountable to equally enforce federal laws, hold Congress responsible to repeal unenforceable or unreasonable federal laws, and affirm the right of the individual states to enforce laws that the federal government arbitrarily refuses to enforce;

(p) realizes that America will be free only as long as we have a sufficiently strong military to ensure that freedom;

(q) will refuse to use America’s military to be the world’s law-enforcement agency except when America is actually threatened; and

(r) will support the millennia-old definition of “marriage” as the religious rite which creates the union of a man and a woman, while supporting the establishment of legislation to protect the civil and human rights of those with “non-traditional” and “non-marriage” civil domestic partnerships.

If any party can actually produce such a candidate, I will gladly make a strong stand to support that person in the upcoming election.

While most of the items on list list apply only to presidential candidates, I expect to see these personal qualities and standards reflected in not just a presidential candidate, but in all elected officials at all levels of government—federal, state, and local.

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