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Articles of Interest

FEMA Rep Describes Joplin Response, Radio Communications Complications

After the EF-5 tornado lifted, first responders in Joplin, Mo., called on local mutual-aid pacts to begin the grueling task of looking for survivors and clearing debris. The city also called on FEMA Region VII coordinators to help manage outside resources (podcast link). [Added 7/6/11]

FEMA Administrator Calls Amateur Radio “The Last Line of Defense”

In an FCC forum on earthquake communications preparedness, Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) Administrator Craig Fugate described the Amateur Radio operator as “the ultimate backup, the originators of what we call social media.” [Added 6/6/11]

A National Interoperable Emergency Communications System

A national emergency communications network already exists. It has existed for some 75 plus years and has been an integral part of the nation’s emergency response capability…when utilized. This network is not only robust enough to scale up from local to national incidents in real time, but it also provides for interoperability and cutting edge digital, video, and voice modes at little or no cost to the taxpayer. [Added 6/1/11]

Amateur Radio Operators Provide Critical Communications During Emergencies

Amateur radio operators, who use various types of radio communications equipment for nonprofit purposes, can provide a valuable resource during a disaster. [Added 5/30/11]

Wear Your Emergency Medical Information

Most people know they should carry a card in their wallet that provides the Emergency Room staff with information about critical health concerns. Most people don't know that they have to be conscious to hand that information to the E.R. doctor! Here's what to do. [Added 5/30/11]

Political Commentary

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